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SI - 28 - Emily Street - Single Family Home
Emily Street, Tampa, FL. 33603

Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 1
Square Ft: 1414

Status:  Sold for $139,900

SI purchased this home due to the excessive amount of personality and character the home and the area possess. The hardwood flooring, Spanish plaster, and arched entryways showcased the craftsmanship that originally went into this charismatic home.

The lot held plenty of luscious greenery and the street out front was comprised of cobblestone--a storybook home! We began our usual demolition, with special emphasis on preserving the home's character. As we began to address the basics--new walls, sheetrock, texturing--some redesign concepts were employed.

This home was WANTED! The word got out…Three of our professional partners desired this property for themselves. SI never had the opportunity to begin rennovation because the home sold almost immediately as-is! We can’t wait to see the finished concept; we know it will be fabulous. We are sure Jennifer will invite us over later…Won’t you?

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