- Current Properties
CP 1/1-Sabal
L - 1013-Courtney Palms 1/1
SC-Schooner Cove
SC_2011-Courtney Palms 2/2
SI - 46-The Moorings

- Past Properties
16th St.-16th Street N
BP-BayPointe Condos
BRK-Burke Street
EB-Erin Brooke Drive
L - 1006-The Highlands 2/2
L - 1010-3819 W. San Carlos
L - 1011-Cordoba Beach 2/2
LA-La Salle
LO 4/2.5-Live Oak Preserve
NO-North Oaks
SI - 10-Cayuga Street
SI - 11-Clifford Sample
SI - 12-East 83rd
SI - 13-Crawford Street
SI - 15-Knollwood Street
SI - 16-Cayuga 2
SI - 18-30th Street
SI - 19-Caracas Street
SI - 20-Knollwood 2
SI - 23-17th Street
SI - 24-Delano Avenue
SI - 25-East 98th
SI - 26-Country Club Area
SI - 28-Emily Street
SI - 30-122nd Avenue
SI - 31-Tupelo Drive
SI - 32-Laura Street
SI - 33-Earl Road
SI - 36-Holland Ave
SI - 37-East 22nd Ave.
SI - 38-N. Edison Avenue
SI - 41-East Knollwood
SI - 42-Louisiana
SI - 44-East 29th Ave
SI - 45-34th St
SI - 6-Whittier Street
SI - 9-Atlantic Drive
SIL - 100-Cape Coral - NW
SIL - 101-Cape Coral - SW
West End-West End Tampa


How the SI-Advantage makes your home buying experience easy and convenient:

Experience and expertise in real estate sales, the mortgage process, engineering, and construction
Value , time and cost savings of a home that requires NO post-sale improvement
Proven acquisition-to-sale system
Attention to detail and many extra touches

We keep quality high and prices low by focusing on three areas:

• Residential property re-creation and reconstruction
• Flexible term lease and rental properties
• Real estate acquisition and sales


By concentrating on three core areas we can pass our expertise and cost saving on to you!

SI homes mean the difference between remodeling and reconstruction. We are not builders, but rather home re-builders; we save what is great about existing houses, remove what is not, and re-build the missing pieces with quality and care. The results are homes that have been completely reconstructed into modern living spaces with stylish features, new appliances, updated plumbing, and even new rooms. With re-building, you get the best of both worlds: the cost savings of buying an existing home and the fabulous features of a new home. With SI homes, you can’t go wrong!

Through our dedication to quality and commitment to success we acquired and re-created 37 properties in our first two years, creating affordable housing for many, and helping to improve some of Tampa’s oldest neighborhoods. Let us put our talents to work for you!

Now that you know a little about us, use the navigation on the left to view some of our past, current, and upcoming properties!
Talk to us and let us know what you think on our Blog at: http://southtamparealestate.blogspot.com/

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