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Investors find opportunity with local home re-construction firm

Tampa—Sharp investors are always on the lookout for superior investment opportunities. One Tampa firm, Saadi Investments, LLC (SI), has an inventory of re-constructed houses and re-built properties awaiting renovation that make great investments for savvy real estate investors who aren’t afraid to move fast.

SI’s re-constructed houses are ideally sized and priced for investment. Take for example #19—Caracas Street. The buyer, who combined a down payment with interest-only financing, was able to rent the home for significantly more than the mortgage payment, making it a great investment. Like Caracas, many of our properties are perfectly suited to resell or buy and rent out—solid investments that make excellent additions to your sale or rental portfolio.

Although SI plans to renovate each purchase, many times the houses are in saleable condition and could be sold in their current condition—the famous flip property. “Because they are often undervalued when we buy them we are able to re-sell them at exceptional prices. And having done so many times, we are comfortable navigating the sea of flip property paperwork” says Pamela Elsaadi, SI’s Director of Operations.

Astute investors should keep their eye on SI’s ever-growing inventory of re-created jewels and houses awaiting renovation.

Investors are excited about SI properties!

SI’s properties create excellent ROI. Beautifully re-created and ideally sized and priced, the single family homes, duplexes, and other properties are solid investments that earn money for their owners.

Investors like SI’s versatility. Some properties are ready for immediate sale—no additional work needed! For investors who want to do a little work themselves SI has homes in inventory that need some work. And all investors love SI’s re-created homes. These beautifully re-built homes are infused with today’s design concepts and standards and are extremely easy to sell in Tampa Bay’s bustling housing market.

Working with SI makes transactions even easier, because the company has substantial resources and extensive experience in the complex real estate arena, including scenarios with no chain of title. “We understand the obstacles that can pop up with flip sales,” says Pamela, “and can get around them fast!” The company has negotiated dozens of homes sales—both from the perspective of a buyer and that of a seller—so they are intimately familiar with the process. Buying a SI home is fast and easy—every investors dream.


Why should you let SI help you sell your home?

  • Sell your home fast. We’ll give you an offer within 48 hours and start the closing process immediately. You’ll have cash in hand in a few days or a couple of weeks!
  • You won’t have to spend money repairing your home. Most homeowners spend a considerable amount of time and money getting their house into saleable condition. When you sell your home to us, we take care of everything—all you have to do is sell!
  • Get the price you deserve. Many home buying services will try to get you to sell your home for far less than it is worth. We have extensive experience evaluating and pricing homes and always give you the fair value.
  • No commissions. We don’t charge commissions to sellers—so you save thousands!
  • You choose the closing date. Whether you need to close right away or want to wait a bit, we’ll work with your needs.

Are you a homeowner looking to sell your property—quickly? Maybe you need to move for a job. Or maybe your home needs more attention than you’re able to give it. Whatever your situation, we can help!

We are always looking for a challenge or a “problem home” that can benefit from our proven system of acquisition and re-creation. Experience with fast, easy closings and an ability to determine fair market value on homes—in any condition—means we can help you sell your home—even if you’ve already tried and run into obstacles. We’re comfortable with “as-is” sales and can take you from owner to cash-in-hand seller in a few short days or weeks. We could be the buyer you’ve been looking for!

Are you…

  • Divorcing?
  • Relocating?
  • Facing foreclosure?
  • Behind on your payments?
  • Short on cash to cover realtor costs?

Then you need to call Saadi Investments today! We’ll buy your home, get cash in your hands, and put an end to your home dilemma!

Top Five Reasons to Sell Your Home to SI:

  • No commissions – you save thousands!
  • No repair costs – sell your home in its current condition
  • No hassles – enjoy a fast and easy transaction
  • Choose your closing date – close now and stop losing money!
  • SI is fair and honest – get what you deserve for your home



Are you representing someone who needs to sell a house, fast? If so, you should call us. Our experience with buying, selling, reselling, and as-is contracts with right to inspect make us the perfect choice to help you help your client. Don’t allow your client or yourself be disappointed by unrewarding efforts in an attempt to sell a home in fragile condition!

When you cross paths with a seller who has a challenged property, or when your seller has expectations that are difficult to meet, SI is your solution. If you are running into obstacles that are hard to overcome—like hard-to-sell homes in need of costly repairs—let SI be the first call you make. We will save you time and money by taking the difficult homes off your plate!

Call SI and see how we can work together to satisfy the needs and expectations of all parties involved: Agents, Sellers, and Buyers. We truly believe in the power of relationships and networking and will do whatever it takes to meet your needs. Our long list of satisfied clients and partners is a testament to our dedication, hard work, honesty, and valuable real estate and “problem property” experience.

Are challenging homes worth your time? Work smarter, not harder—call SI today!

Why should you let SI help you sell your clients’ homes?

  • Fast sales. We’ll help you move your clients’ properties quickly, with fast offers and speedy closings.
  • Work Smarter- Not Harder! Call SI for solutions today!
  • We buy homes “as is.” You won’t have to spend time deciding what to repair, and your client won’t have to spend money on repairs.
  • Your clients will love you! You’ll get them the price they deserve, and they’ll tell everyone they know what a great agent you are—resulting in many valuable referrals.

Why Agents Love Working with SI:

  • We buy the difficult homes with complexities that many agents do not want to deal with.
  • We are skilled at quick sales – which makes your job so much easier!
  • We help your clients who are relocating, going through divorce, behind on payments, or other unique circumstances.
  • We have the selling solutions you need!

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