- Current Properties
CP 1/1-Canary
CP 1/1-Sago Furnished
CP 2/2-Bismark
CP 2/2-Formosa
CP 3/2-Majesty
L - 1013-Courtney Palms 1/1
R 139-Cordoba Beach 1/1
SI - 46-The Moorings

- Past Properties
-The Enclave
-The Enclave
GK-Grand Key
L - 1011-Cordoba Beach 2/2
R-109-Crosswyndes 1/1
SI - 17-Woodbridge
SI - 21-La Salle
SI - 26-Country Club Area
SI - 45-34th St
SIL - 100-Cape Coral - NW
SIL - 101-Cape Coral - SW
VS-Villa Sonoma
WS-White Sails
YB 1/1-The Quarter


How the SI-Advantage makes renting and leasing easy: Flexibility!

  • Beautiful homes and condos ready for immediate occupancy
  • Location, location, location! Our rental and lease properties are conveniently located throughout Tampa Bay, Ft.Myers, and Cape Coral.
  • Flexible lease terms that work with your personal situation and are tailored to suit your needs!

Whether you’re new to the area and want to “check it out” before committing to you new home, or are waiting for your new home masterpiece to be built, or simply prefer to rent, Saadi has the perfect housing for you. Make your life easier – work with property owners who are flexible and responsive to YOUR needs!
Newcomers: If you’re new to the area you will feel at home in one of SI’s flexible rentals while you get comfortable with the area. Take your time and make the right decision about what part of Tampa Bay you’d like to live in. Our lease terms flex to meet your needs!
SI rental homes are ideal for newcomers; we make the transition easy for you! Rent one of our luxurious properties while your home is being built and start your relocation on a good note. Don’t hassle with an apartment lease that will lock you in for a year or get taken advantage of with a typical short-term lease. We are very flexible and want your experience to be as positive and easy as possible!
Tampa Residents: Are you, like many others, having your beautiful, historic home revitalized? If you can’t stay at home during the process or just don’t want to be bothered with the dust and commotion, consider staying in a lovely SI home or condo! Our flexible lease terms and convenient, well-appointed homes make the perfect interim housing for discriminating homeowners.
With SI you don’t have to sacrifice your lifestyle simply because you’re renovating your home. We have beautiful condos and single family homes that are comfortable and luxurious places to live – and miles ahead of extended stay hotels or bunking with relatives!
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